Alexia Gardner & offBeat Trio

Das Ensemble Alexia Gardner & offBeat Trio ist der Gewinner des Swiss Jazz Award 2011!

Well, I have been playing fabulous music with this gifted trio for the past two and a half years. Ever since I moved here from Shanghai in late 2006, my journey through this beautiful country of Switzerland has been a musical one.

We have played at Jazz Festivals and Jazz Clubs and Bars up and down the country. We've played from Zurich to Chur to Basel. We've performed in venues that were worlds apart; from Liechtenstein to Dubai!

Our music is a smooth transition from straight ahead Jazz to smooth Pop Ballads, from Funky grooves to the Reggae and Latin vibes of the Caribbean and South America. It's great when we have my Jamaican heritage featured in our repertoire. A Reggae tune played in our Jazz Quartet style!

I first met the guys through the drummer, Beat, around 8 years ago. It was a Concert for friends and family during a short visit to Switzerland. My then, fiancée - Markus - who happens to be Swiss arranged the Showcase. After the 'electric' concert Beat and I exchanged business cards. He said if ever I were to move to Switzerland we will have to play together again!

Kalli Gerhards is known to be a master on the Bass. We are fortunate to have him. On the piano is the talented Marcel Schefer. A pianist with a clean, clear sound and a special love of the Latin pieces that you will hear in our music. Beat Fraefel-Haering is the Band Leader and Drummer of the band. He keeps us in time and plays with passion on every single number!

Alexia Gardner & offBeat Trio: